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With great pressure washer power comes great responsibility!

We’ve been studying powerwashing and pressure washer videos since we started development on PowerWash Simulator. As we spend time thinking about pressure washing we understand that it’s not just about cleaning a driveway or patio with a high pressure hose. There is a lot more that goes on when you’re preparing to do a powerwash job. Because if you do it badly, you’ll be in a worse position than if you never did it at all! 

The Power of being a Pressure Washer

If you’ve ever used a pressure washer, you immediately feel the power of holding something that is about to do a lot of damage but that is completely under your control. Any tool wielded by any human throughout our history from a cave-dweller swinging a club for the first time through to modern day firearms will have felt this. That sensation of power is hard to deny. But! With great power comes great responsibility! When using a pressure washer, there is a huge temptation to just spray it all over the place. To live out your garden gangster fantasies!

Using a powerwasher, particularly something like a patio pressure washer is the ultimate test of anyone’s ability to powerwash responsibly. The patio in front of you is a huge, open canvas with dirt and stains everywhere. Something a soldier in the field would refer to as a ‘target rich environment’.  

What we have learned from studying powerwash technique is that it doesn’t matter how dirty a patio or pavement is. Once you decide to clean with a pressure washer, you accept the responsibility of doing a complete job of it.  


Sure, a dirty driveway isn’t nice to look at, but everyone who sees it understands how it got that way.  The leaves from the tree above have stained it. Or there is moss growing between the brickwork after a particularly wet winter. But as soon as you commit to pressure washing, you not only have to ensure that you remove the dirt. You also need to make sure that you use the right kind of powerwashing nozzle and that you employ the right kind of powerwashing technique!  

ESPECIALLY if you are planning on filming yourself using that pressure washer and posting it online. 

If a job is worth doing…

A pressure washing job that you can be proud of (or at the very least just happy with!) takes preparation and commitment. You can’t just give it a go and walk away from it. You have to see it through to the end.

That initial sense of extreme power needs to be kept in perspective. Because once the thrill of handling and firing a pressure washer has gone, all that’s left is the job ahead.  If you don’t approach it with the correct equipment and the correct mindset, you’re going to wish you never started in the first place!  

Over the next few blog entries, we are going to talk about why we think powerwashing is so satisfying and interesting, and why we wanted to make a simulation game out of it. So whether you’re a pro patio pressure washer, or just pondering the purchase of a particular powerwashing product. (Or just want to stick to playing our game), in these posts you’ll get some insight into what we have learned from our time so far in the pressure washing simulation business!