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Who we are

FuturLab is a remote-first game studio based in Brighton, UK.

Fuelled by ceaseless creativity, FuturLab has been developing unique gaming experiences for over 20 years. Recently, we’ve turned our attention to pioneering a new genre of frictionless fun, propelled by our pressure-releasing hit, PowerWash Simulator.

As a people-first studio, we’ve cultivated an environment and crafted policies that prioritise our team’s wellbeing, development, and happiness; from big stuff like no-crunch and healthcare cover to the little things, such as free game subscriptions and duvet days. We are dedicated and passionate about creating a safe, inclusive space that rewards our people and uplifts our industry.

Crafted to be less intense

Switch on our games, switch off the world

We developed PowerWash Simulator a little differently. We chased and championed the feeling of satisfaction at all stages, carefully trimming away anything that might take away from it. From the mechanics to the art, to the writing, PowerWash Simulator is a joyful, relaxing experience.

When it released, we witnessed the unique way the game resonated with players. Their response told us we had got it right, and that PowerWash was scratching an itch that games hadn’t quite been able to reach before. The demand for frictionless fun is there, and we’re here to provide it.

We’ve made it our mission to infuse all our games with the same satisfying, meditative magic and are committed to carving out our own snug sanctuary of soothing games in the bustling video game space.

FuturLab games are the destination to relax, unwind and decompress. By combining low stakes with high rewards, our games are crafted to be less intense, but never mild.

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A shared set of values

Great things happen when people take care of themselves and each other, so we shaped our studio around three core values: skill, humility, and kindness.

These principles form the basis of our everyday practices, such as development and recruitment, as well as informing new initiatives, like extended parental leave, free access to therapy and our recently introduced dedicated days for volunteering and personal development.

Our studio is a place where everyone belongs, a space for us to nurture ideas and flourish together, with our differences as our strength. As a Ukie #RaiseTheGame pledge partner, we are committed to championing diversity and inclusion across all areas as we continue to expand.

We don't do crunch

When we say no crunch, we mean it.

Not: “no crunch… unless we really need it”; just no crunch… ever.

We respect our team’s life outside of work and recognise that developing great games not only takes talent, but time.

We believe patience is as good for our games as it is our people. The creativity and focus that goes into game development is greatly benefitted from time away from our work and our screens, we prove this by consistently creating award-winning games without crunch.

Avoiding crunch

We forge diamonds

Precious, rare and perennial, FuturLab games are gems to be cherished.

Our culture, our ways of working and our phenomenal people. When these elements come together, diamonds are forged.

Our culture