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Life at FuturLab

Life at FuturLab is the best it has ever been! We’ve worked hard to scale our benefits, wellbeing and social offering as we’ve grown, and are constantly looking for new ways to level up so that it stays that way. We are a studio that puts its people first, believing that happy, healthy teams make great games.

It honestly felt like being welcomed into a family of kind, awesome and talented people. Creativity and inclusivity is always fostered and the sharing of ideas is encouraged in a way I never thought I'd see in a studio like this, let alone a remote-first one!

James Butlin, Lead VR Programmer

A fun, secure and creative place to work

As a no-crunch studio, we draw a hard line under work at the end of each day. Ensuring we are all working in the same timeframe, between 9am and 5pm, means we can collaborate effectively to make incredible games.

We know that time is valuable, so we like to give it back to our people in meaningful ways. On top of annual leave, we offer 2 additional ‘duvet days’, for those days when life gets in the way, or if you just fancy a lie in – no questions asked. You can also take an additional day off on your birthday... and ours: the annual ‘FuturLab Bank Holiday’ is celebrated every October!

The duvet days are a great benefit and really help out in a pinch when you need to take some time off for yourself, whether that’s to rest or take care of something unexpected.

Jordi Prummel, Programmer

We all experience the benefits of success

Harnessing our commercial success, we continue to reinvest in our tools, processes and people so that we can continue to deliver on our ambition to make great games whilst keeping a personal touch in the way we work.

As well as improving the way we do things, we ensure everyone experiences the benefits of our success by giving all permanent employees performances-related bonuses and celebrating milestones with one-off treats, such as when we took our team and their families to Center Parcs for the weekend to celebrate the launch of PowerWash Simulator.

Looking after You

Wellbeing is paramount when it comes to game development. We’ve invested heavily into staff welfare and have our own Studio Welfare Manager.

Permanent staff are enrolled in our private healthcare scheme, including medical, optical, hearing and dental, and have access to 24/7 online therapy via Spill. We also provide income protection for long-term sickness.

There is never a good time to burn money going to the opticians, so it's a relief to know that our health insurance covers the cost of eye tests and prescription glasses (it's straightforward to claim, too). Dental is a recent addition, and I can't wait to use it because, like the opticians, there is never a good economic time to get it done. Still, we should get it done (at least once a year).

Cristina Ruiz, Marketing Artist