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Update 1.4 – The latest Muckingham Files chapter is OUT NOW!

Have you heard the gossip? The latest free update for PowerWash Simulator is out now! 

We’ve been busy dishing the dirt on Muckingham’s latest mishaps on our socials and now the day has finally arrived for you to poke around for yourself.  

As part of this update, you’ll find three filthy new jobs to tackle in the Bonus Jobs menu: 

Clean The Excavator 

Some hulking heavy machinery is blocking one of Muckingham’s picturesque picket-fence streets. Will you be the one to move it? Heck no. But will you clean it up? Heck yes. 


Clean The Paintball Arena 

We’ve been dye-ing to create this level since it was suggested in one of the Community Map Votes! Get ready to un-splat an arena caked in years of brightly-coloured ballistics. 

Clean The Spanish Villa 

¡Vámonos! Unveil glorious mosaics and soak in the stunning lake-view at the home of one of Muckingham’s most eccentric residents. 


What else is new in Update 1.4? 

New Features! 

Along with 3 new jobs for you to complete, we have some added extras for you to enjoy: 

Gyro controls for PS5 & Switch! 
Long press L1 to active the Gyro motion controls (these work along with the normal stick controls) 

PS5 Adaptive Triggers 
Increase your PowerWashing immersion with trigger resistance that mirrors that of a real power washer 

PS5 Haptic Feedback 
Controller vibration with sounds 

PS4 & PS5 Controller Speaker Implementation 
Sounds triggered by the player now come through the controller speaker, including placing equipment, changing nozzles, job complete and that all important ding 

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed audio settings resetting when relaunching game.  
  • Retrospective achievement unlocks – players should acquire previously achieved achievements upon updating build. 
  • Fixed bug when launching game without a network connection  
  • Multiplayer stability updates 
  • Fixed timelapse issues in the credits showing unclean jobs  
  • Fixed issues preventing players from completing the tutorial when opening the tablet.  
  • Fixed controller vibrations not being produced when option is toggled “on”  
  • Fixed hard lock on boot creating infinite load screen.  
  • Fixed hard lock when entering seventh heaven
  • Fixed accessibility equipment placement bug in spongebob levels  
  • Fixed missing turbo nozzle in some levels after being unlocked.  
  • Fix for entering mars rover, gnome fountain, or minigolf before any other bonus jobs.  
  • Friend invite button being greyed out is now fixed.  
  • Fixed invisible dirt in lost palace 
  • Performance improvements whilst using the trident nozzle 
  • Save data stability updates 
  • Localisation updates 


Is this a free update? 

Yes! The Muckingham Files is a series of free updates to PowerWash Simulator that expand the original universe of the base game. (Note: you do need to own the base game of PowerWash Sim) 

How do I access the update? 

Once you’ve downloaded the update, the new jobs will automatically be available to select from the Bonus Jobs menu.  

Will there be achievements? 

Sadly, not in this update!  

Will there be more free updates in the future? 

Yep! There are more free updates to PowerWash Simulator on the way as well as exciting collaborative paid Special Packs.  

Have fun exploring even more of Muckingham and thanks for playing! 

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