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Update 1.2 – The Muckingham Files – is OUT NOW!

The free update – The Muckingham Files – is available now to all PowerWash Simulator players! Watch the trailer:

What’s included in the update

The Muckingham Files will take you to never-before-seen places from the original universe of the base game, with new characters, locations and stories. Get to know more about your stomping ground and its inhabitants as the most in-demand power washer in town.

Remember the Mauka Aitu Desert? The place where you cleaned the ancient statue and monument, and that old steam train? Well, it’s not just full of aged relics but also home to some more advanced technology – namely a Solar Water Plant and a huge Satellite Dish. It’s down to you to dust off all that sand, for a satisfyingly sparkly finish.

You’ll be glad for a short reprieve to the lush green of Muckingham’s recreation ground, where a filthy food truck is spoiling the view. Once you’ve finished, it’ll be the shimmering centrepiece of the park.

The new Muckingham Files update comprise these three new jobs, but also a little tweak to some older bonus jobs…


Old Jobs get a New Story

Looking to brush up on local lore? The pre-existing bonus jobs have had new stories added that supplement (whilst not continuing) the main story – bringing them in line with this update and any future updates in the Muckingham universe. Replay them for more tales and tit-bits from your favourite filthy town.


  • Specific VSync and FPS settings altering mouse sensitivity and movement speed (aim suddenly flicking) – fixed
  • [PS5 only] PS5 stuttering issue – fixed
  • Temporary freeze triggered by enabling co-op – fixed
  • Washing progress doesn’t show when aiming at object – fixed
  • Ladders cannot be picked up when too close to scaffolding – fixed
  • Overview message when completing Seventh Heaven incorrectly showing as from Tifa instead of Cloud – fixed
  • Some bonus jobs/DLC thumbnails showing in low resolution – fixed
  • Various HUD text/options fixes
  • Plus, various minor fixes


  • Save data improvements to prevent loss of single player progress
  • Network and stability improvements
  • Minor visual improvements
  • Achievement localisation update


Is the update free?

Yes, this update is free to all owners of PowerWash Simulator, expanding the list of jobs included within the game.

How do I access the content update?

The new levels are contained within a standard update to the base game. Once updated and loaded, check out the new jobs in the Bonus Jobs section.

Are there achievements?

Unfortunately, not this time. We have seen how many of you love the idea of adding more achievements to your PWS collection and are looking at potentially adding these in future updates.

Will there be more expansions like this in the future?

Yes! We’ve got a whole roadmap of content planned for the remainder of 2023, including both free and paid updates, as well as some exciting news. Find out more here.