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Tomb Raider Special Pack for PowerWash Simulator Out Now, alongside Release on PS5, PS4 & Nintendo Switch

Picture this. It’s been a busy day. You arrive home and kick off your shoes. Your spot on the sofa beckons, you know, the one with the perfect view that’s moulded to your shape over the years. It’s finally time to rinse and recline. Now you can kick back and wash all the stress of the day down the drain with PowerWash Simulator on your PlayStation.

Or perhaps you’re on the daily commute. The seats are filling up, but you don’t care because you’re not there, not really. You’re in Muckingham, the only soul on the subway, making those tiles sparkle at your own pace. The chaotic commute melts away as you methodically reveal each pristine porcelain tile, and the chatter is drowned out by the soothing sounds of high-pressure water. Thank goodness that PowerWash Simulator is now available on Nintendo Switch.


With the addition of these two new platforms, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, you can now release the pressure with PowerWash Simulator on any major platform.

We know that many of our clean and cosy community that have already completed the game on Xbox or PC have been waiting to rinse-and-repeat all the levels on these new platforms, whilst the launch will also open up the floor for new players to try our super-soothing first-person soaker.

If you’re new round these parts, be sure to join the Discord and follow us on Twitter, to keep up with the latest news, peruse patch notes and take advantage of the fountain of knowledge that is the PWS community.

PowerWash Simulator Tomb Raider Special Pack

Alongside this launch, the first-ever Special Pack for PowerWash Simulator somersaults onto all platforms. Pack up your power washing supplies and venture forth into the world of Tomb Raider.

The Tomb Raider Special Pack brings you five new maps centred around the iconic Croft Manor and its grounds.

Choosing the maps was a quest of its own for our Designers, with so many incredible locations from the franchise to choose from. We identified three key ingredients that would determine the secret formula for map perfection:

  1. Is it iconic?
  2. Is it fun to navigate?
  3. Would it be satisfying to wash?

Croft Manor, in all its glory, clearly scores top marks in all three. In fact, many of the settings and items that check all these boxes were located in and around Croft Manor. One of our Designers, Nick McCarthy explains:

“For example, we knew that the Obstacle Course would tick a lot of boxes for PowerWash Simulator. It’s an iconic fixture of those early Tomb Raider games, it is an interesting environment which would probably get quite dirty quite often in real life and also, we know how much fun some of our players have had jumping around our previous maps so we had to include the Obstacle Course as a means to test your skills!”

And so all of the iconic and ripe-for-the-washing settings naturally pointed towards a Special Pack themed around the Manor. Croft Manor’s Maze, Lara’s Treasure Room and Lara’s Jeep & Motorboat will also join your lengthy to-do list, as Lara commissions you prepare the prestigious premises for one of her esteemed charity fundraisers as part of the pack’s mini-campaign.

Being able to work with an IP with such immense heritage has been a dream-come-true for us every step of the way. As you follow in Lara’s footsteps, we hope you enjoy the references to the early games that were so fundamental to our industry and, in many ways, culture. We hope you enjoy washing it as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Where will you Wash Next?

We know you were all shocked by the Tomb Raider Special Pack announcement, with many people unofficially voting it as ‘the most unexpected crossover of all time’. We wonder what you’ll make of this…

The super-soothing gameplay of PowerWash Simulator meets the gritty yet gripping city at the heart of one of Final Fantasy’s most unforgettable instalments… Midgar awaits.