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The PowerWash Simulator demo update is now live!

PowerWash Simulator just got bigger, better, wetter and even more relaxier!

We have just released the DEMO UPDATE for PowerWash Simulator, downloadable for free.

Grab it here NOW!

The all new demo features are:

  • Clean away dirt and grime to unlock access to the exclusive new Karcher K2 pressure washer.
  • It’s a squeaky clean ice-cream dream as you strip away dirt from a Boho Gelato ice cream van.
  • Extend your powerwashing experience with an entirely new environment – the Playground! Featuring the saddest/relaxiest Dinosaur still in existence…
  • Unleash your creativity as you compose PowerWashing masterpieces with a variety of nozzles and pressure gradients.
  • Immerse yourself with updated PowerWashing Mechanics and Water Dynamics.
  • Refine your PowerWashing expertise with 4 different nozzles and pressure levels to choose from – but be careful windows could break!
  • Dedicated grout cleaning functionality!
  • Accessibility features as requested by the community

This will be the last demo update before we enter into Steam Early Access early next year, but we’re on Discord all day every day chatting powerwashing functions and features – so get in touch and get involved!


All new scene: Playground
Many small improvements to Neighbour’s House scene
Now able to clean the back of the house
No longer able to fall off the world (oh ****, someone already did)
Fairer clean percentage thresholds for completion
Added wash progress bars for each object with an on-screen GUI
Added wash percentage GUI for the surface currently being washed/pointed at
Walk speed slows when facing the floor to allow more careful washing
Crouch is now lower to allow more objects to be washed from below
Grouting dirt added between paving bricks
Grouting requires Red nozzle for efficient cleaning
Nozzle power, size and ranges rebalanced
Now possible to crack windows with high powered nozzles
Now possible to spend ‘cash’ to repair cracked windows
Karcher K2 product featured as an unlockable upgrade
Object Washed sound effect volume reduced
Level Complete sound effect volume reduced
Now possible to toggle water stream on/off by using Right Mouse Button
Crouch now works as a toggle instead of needing to hold a key down
Player is now able to set graphics settings on boot up
Now able to skip the initial story text
Progress is now automatically saved between sessions
Player is able to delete save data