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The Muckingham Files 1 and 2 – now available for PowerWash Simulator VR!

There’s more to this town than meets the eye! New jobs, new lore, and new secrets are abundant in PowerWash Simulator VR’s first DLC addition: The Muckingham Files 1 & 2. 


Continue your clean-up of Muckingham in crisp virtual reality with this free update for PowerWash Simulator VR on Meta Quest – available now! 

Enjoy 6 additional levels, and uncover more secrets beneath Muckingham’s grimy exterior.  

All players who have purchased the base game can play the Muckingham Files on Meta Quest today for free: 


Is this a free update?  
Yes! The Muckingham Files is a free update to PowerWash Simulator VR that expands the original universe of the base game. (Note: you do need to own the base game of PowerWash Simulator VR to access this content)  

How do I access the update?  
Once you’ve downloaded the update, the new jobs will automatically be available to select from the Bonus Jobs menu.   

Will we be getting more additional content? 
Yes! But we won’t announce until we’re ready. We’ve still got some cleaning of our own to do. 

Patch notes to go alongside this update, effective from 15th February 2024: 

  • Added 6 new levels! Our ‘Muckingham Files’ jobs from the base game have been added into the Bonus Jobs section of the game 
  • Improvements to smooth locomotion, jumping, and movement and rotation speed. 
  • Improvements to ladders, and other accessibility equipment 
  • Fixed several saved settings resetting between levels 
  • Visual improvement to background assets on several levels (trees, billboards etc.) 
  • Added ability to disable wetness VFX 
  • Added ability to disable the blue ‘aim cursor’ 
  • Various fixes for crashing and joining issues in multiplayer 
  • Left-handed players no longer revert to right-handed on game restart 
  • The toolbelt should no longer find itself at head height 
  • Updated loading screen to reflect load progress 
  • When joining multiplayer sessions and downloading data, players can now also see download progress and cancel 
  • The whole Tree House is now washable 
  • The whole of the Skate Park, Steam Locomotive and Monster Truck should be accessible by teleportation 
  • All the cleaning liquids should be available during the tutorial 
  • Various UI improvements, including tooltips and prompts 
  • Various tutorial improvements 
  • Enabled auto-saving, this will save progression every 10 minutes of gameplay 
  • General performance improvements across the board 

Keep an eye out on our social channels for further updates to PowerWash Simulator VR! 

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