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*DING* PowerWash Simulator is Out Now!

PowerWash Simulator is now available to players with Game Pass for PC and console, as well as available for purchase on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10, alongside a full release on Steam following a successful early access period.

Now that the ultimate relaxing sim has launched, let’s celebrate with a look at the game, the launch and the community; featuring some messages from the FuturLab team!

Everything isn’t as it seems in the town of Muckingham: an active volcano smoulders nearby, the mayor’s cat is missing, and things are extremely dirty. For all its oddities, Muckingham scrubs up quite nicely… thanks to you! The residents have noticed too, and soon your PowerWash business will be booming.

As you blast away every speck of grime that covers Muckingham, you’ll uncover secrets hidden in the dirt and objects of each level, as well as receive messages from clients that reveal the untold stories of the places you visit – from humble homes to ancient architecture. You know what they say, it all comes out in the wash!

From casual clean freaks to dedicated detailers, everyone can pick up and play to feel immersed: relaxation, satisfaction – guaranteed.

Community & Social

The community has been a massive part of this game from the get-go. PowerWash Simulator spent a year in Steam Early Access, which allowed the game to grow and evolve based on community feedback.

Whilst Early Access has presented its challenges for production, it’s been an extremely rewarding experience on balance. The team has had direct feedback from players all the way along, which is so rewarding for the creative spirit, and on release day, from a studio point of view, it’s less nail-biting waiting for the review scores to appear when you’ve known how players are enjoying the game throughout development with a user rating. Thank you so much for taking part and joining us on this journey!

James Marsden | Co-CEO | FuturLab

It is an incredible pleasure working on PWS, the community is super wholesome! I personally have been shooketh at the amount of feedback we’ve gotten, each time we asked for polls or feedback there would be thousands of responses. It has given us a real clear picture of what the playerbase is thinking with each patch and has made Early Access feel really worthwhile.

Josh Brown | Senior Community Manager | FuturLab

Whether you’re just starting your cleaning career or already a PowerWash pro – the PowerWash Simulator team would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for engaging with us and embracing our game! <3

We’ll end this section with a tip from our Graphics Programmer, Matt Kelsey:

I’ve really enjoyed watching the communities reaction to various content! From doing so, I have consolidated my views on fellow PowerWash enjoyers, and that is more of you NEED to use aim mode, it’s like having a third arm attached to your face, truly the peak of human evolution. ( I joke, but seriously aim mode is cool! )

P.S Thank you fellow yellow nozzle users for your service.


The Futur of PowerWash Simulator…

I remember the first time I washed something, during the very early days of development, when the power washer’s water was just a red beam! It has been an incredible journey of testing and following the game’s development throughout the past years and see it evolve to become the marvel it is today!

Sofia Emmanouilidou | Senior QA Tester | FuturLab

We’ve already come so far since the days of the red beam! But, don’t worry – the full release of PowerWash Simulator is just the start of your power washing career…

We are already busy creating awesome new content for you. The world is full of great grubby inspiration, as our Business Development and Licensing Manager, Elliot Greenwood says: “I can’t stop looking at things and thinking, you could power wash that.”

Graduating from Early Access isn’t the end of community input for PowerWash Simulator. Where will you wash in the future? You decide! We are working on putting together a community vote for a couple of upcoming jobs, so keep an eye on our socials!


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