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PowerWash Simulator W.A.S.D Event Wash Up!

Hey everyone!

Last week we attended a new gaming event, W.A.S.D with PowerWash Simulator, which had its first booth at a gaming Expo! 4 members of the team, Rebecca, Eden, Dennis, and Josh, traveled down to London’s scenic Tobacco Dock. Koobs also joined us from our friends at Square Enix Collective. Here’s an account of our travels and exploits!


The booth

Walking into the Indie Games section, you could immediately see from afar the colorful backdrop of the Playground level mural that was our booth!

It was great to talk to and see so many people play the game. From current players, those drawn in by the game’s title, and even families, our stall was buzzing the whole event!


Our trusty cardboard cutout of Gnomey proved incredibly popular for selfies and group photos! The Prime Vista 1500 cutouts were for a good cleaning, but villains were spotted extinguishing a beloved superhero:

The final day of the event came quicker than expected. Our team’s energy on the ultimate day, from morning to closing, can be summed up with these two tweets!
End of event energy!

Just kidding. While our feet were sore, our voices a little croaky, we’d had a fantastic time. We said our goodbyes, and Gnomey was on their way home via the London Underground:

Overall the event was a great success. We’ve got lots of feedback for the game and future shows. Thanks to everyone who came by the booth.


It wouldn’t be a clean sweep without highlighting some of the incredible food the team enjoyed while in the capital!

A quick shoutout to our favorite food truck at the event, Fluffy Bao Buns, serving (obviously) Bao Buns and noodles! Nom!


At Detroit Pizza London, we shared slices of what many described as their best pizza ever! These deep-pan, crispy squares of joy were packed full of flavor and took us on a trip to the heart of Chicago! We highly recommend it if you are in the area!

Crispy, juicy, cheesy, all of the y’s!

On the last night, Xi’an Biang Biang Noodles was our final culinary stop. We delighted in their fragrant belt noodles and other traditional Chinese dishes. Our gastronomic adventure drew to a close with a clink of Tsingtao beer bottles!


In short, we had fun and ate lots of great food!

Oooo friends

Shenanigans were had at the event with some of the other exhibitors! Firstly, from fellow satisfying sim Skyhook games Lawnmower Sim, who had a real-life ride-on mower on exhibit.

Gnomey is ready for a drive-by clean!

Grass cutting wasn’t Gnomey’s only adventure. Several of the Devolver Digital characters got caught on camera posing with them.

That’s a wrap!

Thanks again to everyone that visited the booth and tried the game. We’ve learned a lot and will come to the next event with an even stronger showing!