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PowerWash Simulator VR Available Now!

On 2nd November 2023, we were delighted to launch the greatly-anticipated PowerWash Simulator VR on the Meta Quest Store. Players can now immerse themselves in the super-soothing gameplay of cleaning up Muckingham in crisp virtual reality. 

Check it out here: 


The launch of PowerWash Simulator VR has been such an exciting time for everyone here at FuturLab and we’ve loved seeing everyone’s reactions and reviews come pouring in. 

Our dedicated VR team have done an incredible job of transforming the world of PowerWash Simulator into a muck-filled virtual reality with brand new features that make the gameplay clean and oh-so satisfying. We’re so proud of their hard work and the way they’ve made this highly sought-after version of the game a true joy to play.  

We’ve also been listening to the valuable feedback from the community about how we can make the game even better and our team have continued their hard work to bring you the first round of improvements to fix some common bugs and address requested changes. 
While we have made some improvements to the visual fidelity of the game across the Quest ecosystem in this update – with some improvements targeting Quest 3 only – this will be a continued focus for us. Expect more quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes for PowerWash Simulator VR in the future. 

Our first patch notes are detailed below: 


  • Updated the credits to better reflect the awesome folk that worked on PowerWash Simulator VR 
  • Increased anti-aliasing to MSAA x4 (previously MSAA x2) for clearer visuals 
  • Improved performance when on the ‘info’ screen in the equipment menu 
  • Removed Fixed Foveated Rendering on Quest 3 for better fidelity 
    • Reduced the intensity on Quest 2 
  • Added the wet & drying effect when washing to Quest 3 for better visual quality 
  • Improved LOD quality level and reduced popping for Quest 3 

New features: 

  • Added option to disable the toolbelt entirely in the settings menu 
  • Added current control scheme as a tab in the settings menu for easy access 
  • Added ‘Arm Swinger’ as a movement option 
    • This allows players to hold forwards or backwards on the movement thumbstick and swing their arms to move in that direction 
    • Options for ‘forwards’ direction are provided (head or hand) 
    • Options for using one hand or both hands are also provided 
  • Added haptic rumble when washing own or other players hands or head 
  • Added optional jump button for when using Smooth or Arm Swinger movement 
    • This is bound to the same thumbstick as smooth/snap turning, players can jump by pushing that thumbstick up 
    • Players should be advised this can be uncomfortable for some, so it disabled by default 

Bug fixes: 

  • Fixed stool on the Drill level being un-grabbable 
  • Fixed ‘smooth turn’ rotation getting reset to ‘snap turn’ when loading a new level 
  • Fixed a railing on the ‘Detached House’ level being inverted and causing movement issues 
  • Fixed turbo nozzle becoming offset after usage 
  • Fixed the stars on the watch not updating with job progression 
  • Fixed selected movement method changing and/or resetting when in multiplayer sessions 
  • Removed various UI elements and accessibility equipment from the timelapse videos 
  • Fixed the UI pointer rendering underneath certain UI elements 
  • Fixed other player’s extension textures sometimes being incorrect and visually broken in multiplayer 
  • Fixed the toolbelt rotating when it shouldn’t 
  • Fixed a missing texture on the Monster Truck level 
  • Fixed local washer usage affecting all players’ washers in multiplayer 
  • Fixed other players’ washers floating in space when they enter menus 
  • Fixed the messages UI panel incorrectly not displaying messages 
  • Fixed the hands becoming ‘stuck in place’ when tracking is lost – instead of hiding 
  • Fixed some LOD issues on the several suburban levels 
  • Fixed a case where the nozzle preview can get stuck visible (lovingly called the ‘ghost nozzle’) 
  • Stopped players being able to fly when placing ladders in multiplayer sessions 
    • Where previously they would have started levitating, they will still briefly jump upwards 
    • This is a temporary fix to disable the flying, a more permanent fix is being worked on 
  • Fixed a case where the loading screen can become head-locked when joining a multiplayer session through an invite 
  • Fixed tutorial prompts not updating immediately if language is changed mid-tutorial 

These patch notes will come into effect on December 5th 2023. We look forward to continuing to work on the game to bring further updates and improvements in the future. We’re just getting started! 

More about PowerWash Simulator VR: 


With the 1:1 accuracy and total precision granted by the Meta Quest Touch controllers, blasting away every speck of dirt and grime is a breeze. Reach up, get down and lean-in to tackle those pesky hard-to-reach spots. Or if you prefer, sit back, relax and wash your worries away from the comfort of your chair. 


Pick out the perfect outfit and the right equipment for each job from the back of the van, change nozzles on the fly with an all-new tool belt feature, and enjoy a fully immersive experience in PowerWash Simulator VR. 


Power wash and chill with friends. Take the pressure off by teaming up to tackle dirt as you wash away your troubles together at the end of a long day. 


Escape to the quaint town of Muckingham, brought to life in true 360-degree immersion as you strip grime from patios, pavements, vehicles, and public parks. The town may look wholesome but wash away the dirt and you’ll discover not all its residents are squeaky clean.