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PowerWash Simulator is coming to VR in 2023!

Run amuck in PowerWash Simulator VR on Meta Quest 2 in 2023! Announced at the recent Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, we’re bringing you all the good clean fun of PowerWash Simulator, while adding an extra layer of immersion and interactivity to busting dirt in VR! 

Wielding the power washer and blasting away grime adds another dimension of satisfaction in PowerWash Simulator VR thanks to precise 1:1 control that makes even the dirtiest of jobs a breeze. Get physical and tackle those hard-to-reach dirty spots like never before by stretching up, kneeling, and leaning into every nook and cranny or sit back and take the pressure off.

“PowerWash Simulator has always been about putting relaxation and satisfaction into the hands of the players. Now with PowerWash Simulator VR, we are pleased to be able to make this happen not only figuratively, but literally!” said Chris Mehers, COO at FuturLab. “A VR version of the game has been highly requested by the community since early on in development, so we are excited to finally be able to announce this news.” 

“Working with FuturLab to bring such a popular IP to VR has been a blast,” said David Corless, VP of Publishing at nDreams. “PowerWash Simulator naturally lends itself to what VR does best – immersion, interaction, and fictional teleportation. We can’t wait for the Quest audience to experience the pure joy of PowerWash Simulator VR for themselves.”

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“Will the game be available on other VR platforms?” 
Not at this point in time. There are no current plans to build versions for PSVR, PICO or other non-Meta headsets. However, we will let you know if this ever changes. 🙂

“What’s new in the VR version?” / “Why should I buy PowerWash VR?” 

The most important thing is that with VR you can now fully immerse yourself in Muckingham and get up close and personal with all our wonderfully filthy environments! In VR you’ll be able to look up (or down!) at buildings to scale! Whether you’re ducking under the playground slide, cleaning the roof of the haunted house, or leaning over the side of the steam train to reach a spot, you’ll get closer than ever before to the action in VR!  With the Quest’s motion controls you will also have 1:1, precise, natural movement. This means you can move the power washer in ways you simply cannot do on console or PC, allowing you to feel like a real pro! 

“Are there any differences between the VR version and the 2D version?” 

Yes! It’s in VR! The key difference is your ability to move the washer with totally natural movement thanks to the Quest’s motion controls. In VR you’ll also be inside our filthy environment and feel the true size of levels. Whether you’re ducking under the playground slide, cleaning the roof of the haunted house, or leaning over the side of the steam train to reach a spot, you’ll get closer than ever before to the action in VR!  

“Is this just a port to VR?” 

No. We believe that PowerWash Simulator is a natural fit for VR and we have worked hard to optimise the 1:1 control of the power washer to give you even more ways to bust that grime. Many of the game’s interactions have been redesigned with VR in mind, to create a ground up VR experience. We have a wishlist of ideas to make PowerWash Simulator VR feel even immersive that they will be evaluating over the next phase of the game’s development. It’s the same game you know and love but made for VR!

“Has it been optimised for VR?” 

Yes! We have worked hard to make each level feel truly immersive in VR and to ensure that the feeling of wielding the power washer is satisfying and tactile.

“I’m new to VR. What does ‘1:1’ accuracy mean?” 

It means that the power washer moves precisely in sync with your actual hand movements, thanks to the Quest controllers! Along with full 360-degree head movement, your experience of washing will feel totally natural.  

“I’m new to VR. Will PowerWash Simulator VR have a tutorial for new players?” 

Yes! We’ve designed an introductory tutorial for all users, especially to help those who might be playing their first ever VR game.  

“I’m left-handed. Can I swap the washer hand?” 


  “Is it a multiplayer game?” 

The game will have multiplayer support and we look forward to sharing more details soon on how this will look in VR. 

“Will it include all the game modes?” 

Yes, all game modes from the flatscreen version will be in this game. 

“Will all future updates/DLCs come to VR too?”

At this point in time the VR version is just the core game and bonus levels.

“Does the ‘whole base game’ include the bonus jobs?” 


“Are all equipment, power washers and cosmetics from the base game in PowerWash VR?” 

Yes! VR users will have full access to the entire base game, including all power washers and cosmetic items!

“Has anything been removed?” 

Nothing has been removed from the base game. It’s still the same game you know and love with a huge VR optimised makeover!

“Will there be unique achievements for this version?” 

Unfortunately, no. Meta Quest does not support achievements on its platform right now. However, if Meta changes its platforms to allow them, there’s nothing stopping us adding them in future updates.  

“I get headaches [or similar]. Will VR have motion sickness settings so I can play for a long session?”  

Yes. To look around the world or change direction without moving your head much, you can toggle ‘snap turn’ movement and change the degree to which you move (22/30/45 degrees). This way, users with motion sickness can move their head minimally while still being able to enjoy the VR experience.  

“Can I play this game sitting down? Will it have other accessibility features?”

Yes, you can. We’ve designed the game so that it can be played standing and sitting. Players opting to sit will be able to enjoy the same engaging VR experience. We’ve added options to change your height, crouch and go prone without having to physically move. There are also two movement settings – a teleport locomotion, and analog stick locomotion (same as console flatscreen versions) – so you will be able to reach all areas of any map from the comfort of your seat.  

“Will I be able to look around smoothly?” 

Yes. Other than with your natural head movement, we have added the option for players to look around smoothly with the left analog stick (i.e., just like a flat-screen console game) if you wish to.  

“Will you be accepting requests for Beta testers?” 

We have no plans to reach out to Beta tests for PowerWash Simulator VR right now.

Post-Announcement & Pre-Order  “What’s the price?” 

We look forward to revealing more about pricing in the coming months. 

“Can I pre-order the game?” 

No. But you can wishlist the game on the Meta Quest store here ->

“Will we have to re-buy the game? Or can I get it as a free ‘update’ if I already own another copy?” 

PowerWash Simulator VR is a standalone game, and therefore, just like the console versions, will require a separate purchase.