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PowerWash Simulator Development Update

Hey everyone,

We are sorry, but we can no longer announce the next batch of content as planned tomorrow. It is still coming, but at the moment, we can’t share what it is or its release date due to several development factors.

We have had a fantastic year, moving from Early Access to full launch, and that is largely thanks to our community’s support and feedback, so please rest assured that our wonderful development team are working incredibly hard in the background to make 2023 an amazing year full of washable content!

To achieve this, we continue to grow the PowerWash Sim team and still have many more open roles we hope to fill ASAP.

Console launch announcements and releases for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4/5 will also be coming with content announcements early next year.

Thank you for sticking with us; we hope to share more soon.

Team FuturLab.