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Helping the Futur of Gaming Talent in Partnership with Into Games

FuturLab is proud to announce a new partnership with Into Games.

Into Games is a non-profit that supports people on their journey in developing the skills & confidence they need to thrive in games.


Since 2019, Into Games has been working on initiatives that build the networks and resources of young people seeking careers in games, including an industry-wide mentorship scheme.

We made the decision to join forces with Into Games because:

  1. We’re invested in the futur of games
  2. We’re passionate about people

Working in tandem, FuturLab and Into Games aims to make a positive impact in these categories, both in-house and in the wider community.

We are a studio that puts our people first, we have an anti-crunch policy and a range of staff benefits that empower our talent. To further improve our studio operation, Into Games will deliver a year-long training program to FuturLab studio employees to help them develop their educator and public speaking skills, as well as train them to become empathetic mentors and leaders. We will also work together on reviewing the way we search for and hire talent to forge new, inclusive pathways into the industry, through internships, apprenticeships, and accessible hiring events.

Importantly, we want to extend our passion for the games industry to our local community, therefore, FuturLab will be working with Into Games to develop a games career after-school club in Brighton and equipping every computer in the school with lifetime licences and resources for GameMaker Studio 2. The club aims to spread awareness of games development as a viable career option (after all – you can’t be what you can’t see!) as well as making resources more accessible.

Read more about our Partnership on the Into Games website HERE.