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FuturLab pledges to #LevelUpMentalHealth with Safe In Our World

Looking after our teams’ wellbeing is a huge priority for us here at FuturLab and we’re always looking at ways to support our employees. This is why we have now partnered up with mental health charity Safe In Our World to become a #LevelUpMentalHealth partner.  

With our pledge to #LevelUpMentalHealth, we are committing to integrating our mental health and wellbeing strategy in everything we do, and help Safe In Our World in their mission to destigmatise mental health. We’re excited to use their Level Up toolkit to implement new wellbeing focused activities at FuturLab.  

We are also proud to sponsor Safe In Our World’s first ever Mental Health Game Dev Champions 2024. 


The Game Dev Champions event is an opportunity for the developer and gaming community to make games around the topic of mental health. Not only does this help continue the conversation of mental health and wellbeing, but this event is also an opportunity for people to express their personal experiences through the medium of games.  

Game Dev Champions 2024 is a worldwide event, encouraging entries from a variety of ages, skills, and diverse backgrounds. You can now register your interest for the event, which will officially kick off on 1st June 2024. Entrants will have five months to craft their game and submit it, with winners announced in December 2024. For full details, please visit the Safe In Our World website.