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FuturLab Joins the Miniclip Family

We’ve got a not-so-mini announcement… we’ve joined the Miniclip family! 

Founded in 2001 and 2003, respectively, Miniclip and FuturLab have more in common than veteran status alone. Most importantly, our mission to create universally soothing games is in perfect step with Miniclip’s goal to ‘unleash the gamer in everyone’. We’ve proved with PowerWash Simulator that games can transcend genres and make you feel, and we plan to bring you more games that make you go ‘ahhhhhhhh’. 

Saad Choudri, CEO of Miniclip, adds, “In March, we proudly welcomed the award-winning game studio, FuturLab, to the Miniclip Group. The success of PowerWash has catapulted the studio into a genre leader and pioneer in the market for ‘games that soothe’. 

“Supported by a thriving and highly engaged community of PowerWash fans and with an exciting pipeline of growth opportunities in the soothing genre, FuturLab is a very welcome addition to our ever-growing, Miniclip Group.” 


Kirsty Rigden, our CEO, will still lead the same talented team that we’ve grown over the past two decades. Our games will still be our own visions and our operations will remain the same. 

“We’re proud to say that we are now part of the Miniclip family! It’s exciting for us to charter a course that brings Miniclip into the PC/console space,” says Kirsty Rigden, FuturLab’s CEO, “Followers of the studio will notice not much has changed; we still have autonomy over our studio operations and the games we develop. However, this new security will allow us to bring you many more, great games in the years to come”. 

“Finally, I’d like to thank Aream, Lewis Silkin and Lvl Up for doing all the hard work on the acquisition and of course, our players for their continued support.”