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Free Update coming April 18th + 2023 Roadmap and Physical Release for PowerWash Simulator

The first few months of this year have been crazy. You’ve cleaned Croft Manor and de-mucked Midgar… wherever next?!  

Well, we’ll take a look at what else is coming this year in a minute, but not before we’ve said a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to you all for the community support so far this year. It has been incredible seeing your reaction to the new content on socials and our Discord.  

What’s coming this year? 2023 Roadmap

Hop in the van, we’re going on a road trip! Throughout 2023, we’ll be taking you to places near and far in a range of Special Packs and updates that traverse Muckingham and beyond. Behold, our 2023 roadmap!


With each free expansion, we’ll be revealing more of Muckingham and its stories, whereas the paid Special Packs will transport you outside of the Muckingham universe to all sorts of new and exciting places. 

We must add the disclaimer that plans could change during development, but if they do, we will of course let you know of any changes! We can’t wait to unveil each section of the roadmap with every announce, but for now, let us introduce you to the first of the ‘free content’ reveals… 

The Muckingham Files (Update 1.2) – coming April 18th 2023

We’ve got loads of mucky content planned for the year ahead, starting with the first in The Muckingham Files series, coming April 18th, 2023 (yes, that’s next week!) 

The Muckingham Files will take you to never-before-seen places from the original universe of the base game, with new characters, locations and stories. Get to know more about your stomping ground and its inhabitants as the most in-demand power washer in town. 

Remember the Mauka Aitu Desert? The place where you cleaned the ancient statue and monument, and that old steam train? Well, it’s not just full of aged relics but also home to some more advanced technology – namely a Solar Water Plant and a huge Satellite Dish. It’s down to you to dust off all that sand, for a satisfyingly sparkly finish.  

You’ll be glad for a short reprieve to the lush green of Muckingham’s recreation ground, where a filthy food truck is spoiling the view. Once you’ve finished, it’ll be the shimmering centrepiece of the park. 

The new Muckingham Files update comprise these three jobs, as well as the following… 

Old Jobs get a New Story

Looking to brush up on local lore? The pre-existing bonus jobs have had new stories added that supplement (whilst not continuing) the main story – bringing them in line with this update and any future updates in the Muckingham universe. Replay them for more tales and tit-bits from your favourite filthy town. 

Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes will also come with this next update tackling issues across platforms – thanks for your patience with this. 

PowerWash Simulator – In a BOX!


Let’s get physical! Collectors and console players rejoice – PowerWash Simulator will is now available to pre-order in physical format. Everything you need to start a successful power washing business in one small, convenient casing. Let it take pride of place on your shelf or give the gift of zen when PowerWash Simulator releases in boxed form on 13th June 2023.

Pre-Order here!