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Cue the Victory Fanfare: PowerWash Simulator’s Midgar Special Pack Out Now!

Gamers worldwide have spent many hours in the grand and gritty city of Midgar, both in its original glory and in cinematic detail throughout the Final Fantasy VII remake. Now, players will have the opportunity to visit the city once more in the Midgar Special Pack for PowerWash Simulator, free to all owners of the game. Whether you’re exploring Midgar for the first time or the hundredth, you’re bound to uncover something new.

Players will take up their tools and tackle five new levels, featuring iconic locations, such as the charming Seventh Heaven bar and the breath-taking Mako Energy Exhibit, as well as vehicles and mechs both famed and feared, including the Hardy Daytona and Shinra Hauler, the Scorpion Sentinel and the Air buster.

The Midgar Special Pack features several dirt-types that are unique to the expansion. Bio Residue, Mako Residue and Battle Damage join the myriad muck shrouding the city, leaving clues as to how they got quite so dirty. But you won’t be guessing for long, as you’ll be in frequent touch with members of Avalanche and Shinra alike, who will reveal all as you wash.

So much care and attention has been poured into getting the look and feel of this Special Pack just right and we worked closely with the Final Fantasy VII team throughout development to ensure we stayed true to the source material.


Our artists spent endless hours ensuring every last trinket and sign in Seventh Heaven was present and correct, recreating details big and small, from the pictures on the fridge to the famous ‘Eggs and Chips’ sign. Spraying Sector 7’s favourite spot involves getting up close and personal with every nook and cranny, so Tifa is prepared to let you behind the bar for this one. Whilst others may idle away the hours at the bar by cranking the Jukebox or playing a quick game of darts, you’ll be passing the time by hosing down the humble hangout. Speaking from experience, it’s super fun to reveal and read all the signs and plaques dotted around the place, and there’s not much more satisfying than blasting away grime to reveal glowing neon lights. You may even rival Avalanche’s passion to clean up the city.

As well as Avalanche’s HQ, players will also explore several areas of Shinra’s HQ. With a far more corporate feel (and perhaps a bigger cleaning budget), you wouldn’t believe these marble walls and polished floors could house such grubby exhibits. But then again… that’s why you’re here! In a tribute to Shinra’s tech, we’ve added small animations and interactable elements to bring some of these levels to life. When you’re through with the place, the Shinra building will be dazzling and daunting in equal measure.

We’ve absolutely loved working with the Final Fantasy VII team on this landmark IP, and we can’t wait to see the community reaction to the content. Muckingham and Midgar are two very different beasts – so we hope that players will enjoy the aesthetic variation that this expansion brings to PowerWash Simulator, as well as the opportunity to explore one of gaming’s most iconic cities close up.

Midgar awaits.

The Midgar Special Pack is out now on all platforms, available for free to all owners of PowerWash Simulator.