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CLOSED: Win a PS4 Pro & PSVR with Mini-Mech Mayhem!

Competition time!

We’re celebrating the imminent release of Mini-Mech Mayhem on June 18th with a giveaway for the lovely people who follow us on Twitter. If you’ve yet to check out our amazing and hilarious new VR table-top strategy battler, here’s a trailer:

Anyway, this contest will be your chance to win:

  • A PlayStation 4 Pro
  • A PS VR
  • A digital copy of Mini-Mech Mayhem

Sound good? Yes. So what do you have to do? Simple:

  1. Follow our @FuturLab twitter account (this is a prize in itself, congratulations!)
  2. Take a photo of you with your buddy looking FABULOUS in a COSTUME of your choice. Maybe your buddy is a friend, an animal, a family member, a toy – whatever works for you!
  3. Tweet the photo to your followers using the hashtag #MeAndMyBuddy, including a link to this page, and our twitter handle @FuturLab at the end of the tweet, NOT the start!

“But why ‘me and my buddy’?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s like this: in our latest VR title, players are represented in the world as an avatar who sits around a board and controls their miniature mechanised buddy. Both are fully customisable with whacky-cool outfits and colours. You’ll form a fun bond with your little robot pal as you send it out to fight to the death time and time and time and time again. Just like real-life friendship!


With the emphasis on customisation, winning entries will have you and your buddy exhibiting some serious clothing flair, so let your imagination run wild. Remember, it’s up to you to interpret the meaning of ‘My Buddy’.

Just be bold! And SFW, please.

We’ll pick a winner and 10 runners up:

1st Place

1st Place gets a PSVR + PS4 Pro + Mini-Mech Mayhem promo code.

Runners Up

10 runners up will get a digital copy of Mini-Mech Mayhem!

The competition closes 9am BST on Tuesday June 18th 2019.

Full terms and conditions are here.