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Back to the Future Special Pack Now Available for PowerWash Simulator VR

Embark on a time-travelling power washing adventure with the Back to the Future Special Pack for PowerWash Simulator VR – available now on the Meta Quest Store. 

Hose down iconic movie sets inspired by the Back to the Future trilogy in immersive VR. 

You won’t need roads where you’re going but you will need your trusty power washer to tackle the five new jobs included in this Special Pack.  

Featuring the following iconic set pieces from the trilogy: 

  • Doc Brown’s Van 

  • The Time Machine 

  • Hill Valley Clocktower 

  • The Holomax Theatre 

  • Doc’s Time Train 


How much does the Special Pack cost? 

The Back to the Future Special Pack will retail at $7.99/€7.99/£6.50

How do I access the Back to the Future Special Pack? 

You can access the Special Pack through the in-game menu ‘Specials’ section or visit the Meta store page.    

Do I need the base game to play the DLC? 

Yes, you need to own both the base game and DLC. 


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