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In 2007, our first self-published game Coconut Dodge was created in Flash and later developed and published for PSP and PS3 minis in 2010. FuturLab worked on all aspects of the game from conception to marketing and launch. We were delighted to receive positive reviews with a handful of perfect 10/10 scores from respected game industry outlets.  
Coconut Dodge was even named PSN Game of the Year by, resulting in Electronic Arts swooping in and picking up the game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in 2011! 

Play as Clawrence the crab as you dodge falling coconuts, weave through airborne mazes and play beach ball keepy-uppy to collect giant shiny treasures!

Dodge your way through 30 levels of tropical mayhem to satisfy an insatiable greed for gold, diamonds, rubies and gigantic bonus treasures!

Coconut Dodge is an incredibly fun game, and deserves to be played by absolutely everyone. It's charming and utterly addictive.


Coconut Dodge is easy to become addicted to and hard to tear away from. It takes a few goes before you really understand the depth hidden behind the simple and colourful front but when you see it, it is difficult to let go.



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