FuturLab Has Two Satellite Teams!

FuturLab’s satellite teams (‘Velocity Raptors’ & ‘Sasquatch’) at Abertay University’s PlayStation Vita Lab, a new initiative to get students ready for the workplace.

We were invited by Abertay University to take part in a groundbreaking initiative that sees students embark on prototyping projects with established studios.

Velocity®Ultra is on PS3!

Velocity Ultra on PS3!

Velocity Ultra is now on PS3 with highly detailed HD artwork at 1080p resolution, 60fps refresh rate and a perfect translation of its highly refined controls to Dual Shock 3. Grab it now and tune your thumbs up ready for the next gen ;)

Velocity 2X Flight Computer Activated!

Find out about this powerful and dangerous mineral called Rekenium!

As we inch closer to the launch of Velocity 2X on PS Vita & PS4, we’ll be revealing the environments, technologies and characters that provide the backdrop for Velocity 2X.

Velocity®Ultra is coming to Steam!

Velocity Ultra on PC!

Lots of people have requested a PC version of Velocity Ultra, so now they’re getting one via Steam!

Velocity®Ultra is full HD on PS3!

Velocity Ultra HD on PS3!

We’ve partnered with the frankly wonderful people at Curve Studios to bring Velocity Ultra to PS3!

Velocity 2X for Vita & PS4!

Velocity 2X for Vita & PS4!

Our aim with Velocity 2X is to take you on another journey of discovery, so we’re combining two beloved genres into one thrilling adventure.

Velocity®Ultra EU Patch Now Available

At last, they're coming!

Velocity®Ultra now has a patch available that fixes some important issues. Please download it now :)