Spreading our wings with Sierra

Spreading our wings with Sierra

Why working with Sierra is an important step forward for FuturLab.

Peter Pimley has joined our team!

Peter Pimley has joined our team!

An accomplished developer with over 10 years experience across every aspect of game programming, Peter was Lead Programmer on the superb 3DS title Crush 3D, where 3D space is crushed into 2D!

Say hello to Thibault Girard!

Say hello to Thibault Girard!

We have a new hire, say hello to Thibault Girard!

Velocity 2X Wins TIGA Best Arcade Game 2014

Best Arcade Game 2012 and Best Arcade Game 2014!

Kai and her Quarp Jet collected some more shiny metal!

Velocity 2X Release Dates & Trailer

Boss battles are high intensity action!

As we’ve just proudly stated to the world on PlayStation Blog, we think Velocity 2X has what it takes to delight, thrill, entertain and impress you in 2014 – to such an extent that it’ll be YOUR game-of-the-year.

New Velocity 2X Screenshots

Triple shot in the Quarp Jet!

We’re almost there on Velocity 2X visual fidelity. It needs another pass on the HUD and level dressing but we’ve exceeded our initial goals so we’re very happy with it! Now to finish off designing the levels, balance the learning curve and tidy up the little details! =)

FuturLab Has Two Satellite Teams!

FuturLab’s satellite teams (‘Velocity Raptors’ & ‘Sasquatch’) at Abertay University’s PlayStation Vita Lab, a new initiative to get students ready for the workplace.

We were invited by Abertay University to take part in a groundbreaking initiative that sees students embark on prototyping projects with established studios.

Power Up Your PS Vita With Surge Deluxe

Power Up Your PS Vita With Surge Deluxe

Surge Deluxe is here today in the US and tomorrow in Europe for just $4.99/€4.99/£3.99! Check out the release trailer… Read More »

PlayStation Blog Editor’s Choice Award!

PlayStation Blog Editor's Choice Award!

“FuturLab’s classy, clever blaster just pips Tearaway, Spelunky and Hotline Miami. No other game I played this year so brilliantly layered mechanic-upon-mechanic, slowly transforming you from slow-witted cannon fodder to master thumb ninja. Bring on Velocity 2X”. – Fred Dutton, Manager, PlayStation Blog

Velocity®Ultra now on PC!

Velocity Ultra on PC!