Velocity Ultra: Alpha Screenshots

Hi folks!

Here’s what Velocity Ultra looks like now we’re at Alpha. There’s still plenty of visual improvements to be made. The trail, whilst improved, can be smoothed out a little, and we’ve yet to get the nebula swirl colours right. We’re also still tweaking the lighting shader…

Extreme Explosion Lighting

Extreme Explosion Lighting

Blazin' Trails

Blazin’ Trails



As you can hopefully see from the screenshots above, the lighting effects have a huge visual impact on the game, and look and feel very satisfying in action. As many of you already know, you can fling unlimited bombs in Velocity, and doing that to create really bright explosions everywhere is just loadsa fun.

There’s still tons to do.

Most of our time over the last few weeks has been spent testing the leader boards (thanks for all your feedback on our Elite Lounge idea by the way, that is now in and working nicely!).

Once we’re at beta, we need to do a lot of testing to make sure the user experience is as tight as the game play.

It’ll be worth the wait!

P.S. The PS Vita is compressing screenshots quite badly. It looks LOADS better on the actual screen. Promises.