Name The Enemy!

The ‘story’ for Coconut Dodge (about pirates stashing treasure in the trees) was conceived when faced with the challenge of writing the store descriptions for PlayStation Store. It took 5 minutes…

We’ve spent a lot longer thinking up the story for our untitled Space Shooter (the name of which is soon to be revealed we promise!), but we haven’t thought of everything.

Now we are faced with the challenge of naming the alien race that has descended on our stranded space fleets, and thought why not ask our lovely Twitter followers?

They fly in attractive (but terrifying of course) formations, shoot at you quite a bit, and have a tendency to swarm :p

A sample of enemies from our Space Shooter game due for release in March!

If someone comes up with a great alien race name that HASN’T BEEN USED BEFORE, and we use it in the game, they’ll bag a free copy of our game when it is released, plus any other goodies we can find at FuturLab HQ 😉

Please write your suggestions in the comments!

Thanks all!