The award-winning teleportation shoot ’em-up on Vita, PS3 and Steam/PC!

“Essential” – 9/10, Edge Magazine

‘A Must’ – 9/10, Pocket Gamer

‘One of the best games on PS Vita’ – 9/10, Eurogamer Italy

‘The Scrolling Shooter For Everybody’ – 8/10, Game Informer

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Velocity Ultra now has a sequel in the works, visit the Velocity minisite.


What can we say? We like making our fans happy!

You asked for a native PS Vita version of Velocity, and so we made one!

Tell a lie, we really wanted to make one too! 🙂

Velocity Ultra for PlayStation Vita

Critical Urgency

Velocity®Ultra is everything Velocity should have been the first time around: a native PlayStation Vita title with deliciously sharp and stylish HD graphics, PSN trophies and online leader boards!

Unified Art Style

We’ve redrawn all the in-game assets to match the edgy cartoon style of the cut scene stills, and we’ve redrawn all the cut scene stills to a much higher standard too!

Before And After - Screenshot

Before And After – Screenshot

Before And After - Briefing Room

Before And After – Briefing Room

Before And After - Critical Urgency

Before And After – Critical Urgency

We’ve also taken this opportunity to add lots of cool visual effects, creating considerable atmosphere and drama alongside the award-winning game play.



Blazin' Trails

Blazin’ Trails

Extreme Explosion Lighting

Extreme Explosion Lighting

You can read more about Velocity Ultra on PlayStation Blog.

Want to see a sequel too? Let us know here: Velocity Sequel Questionnaire.

EU Release Date: May 15th 2013
US Release Date: July 9th 2013

Velocity Ultra Splash


Visit the Velocity minisite.

Bought it yet? [ EU PS Store | US PS Store ]

You can also purchase the soundtrack from all major digital storefronts!

8 Responses

  1. Randy
    Randy at · Reply

    I’d like to thank you for an amazing experience with Velocity Ultra for the 30+ gamer. Everything about it is so right, from the chiptune elements style soundtrack, the art style, game play price and oldschool + innovative game mechanics.

    Take care and get rich,


  2. Paddi
    Paddi at · Reply

    Thanks for the Patch 1.01 but after getting all awards, i didn’t get the Platinum Trophy. Why is that so?

  3. Drexiel Tempest
    Drexiel Tempest at · Reply

    When will I be able to purchase this on the NA PSN Store?

  4. Velocity 2X for PS Vita & PS4!
    Velocity 2X for PS Vita & PS4! at ·

    […] buckled under the crushing pressure of demand from all you beautifully-minded fans to create a Velocity […]

  5. Pedro
    Pedro at · Reply

    Amazing game! Couldn’t put it down until I got the platinum…

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