Arctic Adventures: Polar’s Puzzles

Whilst developing Coconut Dodge, I kept a close eye on the PlayStation Store to see where the bar was being set for minis games. It was exciting because I genuinely believed Coconut Dodge was a higher quality game in all respects than most games on there. Of course, Fieldrunners and Aero Racer were clearly awesome, but they were also ports of games already enjoying success on other platforms.

Coconut Dodge is an original IP exclusive to minis, and in that sense, I believed it was the best game I’d played on the platform.

That is until I played Arctic Adventures: Polar’s Puzzles.

Three hours later I gave it a 5 star rating on PlayStation Store, and felt compelled to write this post.

It’s the first minis game I’ve played (aside from Aero Racer, Fieldrunners and of course Coconut Dodge) that genuinely brings value and quality to the platform in my opinion.*

Hurray for Eiconic Games! The platform needs more developers like this to improve the reputation of minis.

Go and get it!

*If anyone reading this believes there are other minis games up to the standard of the ones mentioned here, please post your thoughts, and I’ll check them out!