Inside Velocity 2X: Explosions

Inside Velocity 2X: Explosions

“My whole job interview was based around what I could do to make the explosions look better.” – Hussain Sheikh, Technical Director, FuturLab

Velocity 2X Store Image Question

Image 2

Which image would you most likely click on PlayStation®Store?

New Velocity 2X Screenshots

Triple shot in the Quarp Jet!

We’re almost there on Velocity 2X visual fidelity. It needs another pass on the HUD and level dressing but we’ve exceeded our initial goals so we’re very happy with it! Now to finish off designing the levels, balance the learning curve and tidy up the little details! =)

Sweet Vita Suite

Sweet Vita Suite

All of our games are playable on PS Vita, but have you got all the native versions yet?

PlayStation Blog Editor’s Choice Award!

PlayStation Blog Editor's Choice Award!

“FuturLab’s classy, clever blaster just pips Tearaway, Spelunky and Hotline Miami. No other game I played this year so brilliantly layered mechanic-upon-mechanic, slowly transforming you from slow-witted cannon fodder to master thumb ninja. Bring on Velocity 2X”. – Fred Dutton, Manager, PlayStation Blog

Velocity®Ultra now on PC!

Velocity Ultra on PC!


Velocity®Ultra is on PS3!

Velocity Ultra on PS3!

Velocity Ultra is now on PS3 with highly detailed HD artwork at 1080p resolution, 60fps refresh rate and a perfect translation of its highly refined controls to Dual Shock 3. Grab it now and tune your thumbs up ready for the next gen 😉