Velocity 2X Store Image Question

Image 2

Which image would you most likely click on PlayStation®Store?

FuturLab Has Two Satellite Teams!

FuturLab’s satellite teams (‘Velocity Raptors’ & ‘Sasquatch’) at Abertay University’s PlayStation Vita Lab, a new initiative to get students ready for the workplace.

We were invited by Abertay University to take part in a groundbreaking initiative that sees students embark on prototyping projects with established studios.

Surge®Deluxe PS Vita Wallpaper!


Now you can give Surge®Deluxe its own page on your PS Vita with this ‘Cyborg!’ wallpaper!

Three essential tips for indies in 2014 (that should be obvious but aren’t)

At last, they're coming!

Three essential tips for indie developers that you won’t have read elsewhere.

Velocity 2X Flight Computer Activated!

Find out about this powerful and dangerous mineral called Rekenium!

As we inch closer to the launch of Velocity 2X on PS Vita & PS4, we’ll be revealing the environments, technologies and characters that provide the backdrop for Velocity 2X.

Velocity®Ultra is coming to Steam!

Velocity Ultra on PC!

Lots of people have requested a PC version of Velocity Ultra, so now they’re getting one via Steam!

Why a female lead character is not ‘bad design’

Why a female lead character is not 'bad design'

Lt. Kai Tana – saviour of the galaxy, pilot of the teleporting Quarp Jet and master of the humble jump – is female.

Fast Guide To FuturLab

Fast Guide To FuturLab

We’ve compiled all the most interesting posts on our blog into a single list that you can storm through in no time, and emerge at the other side fully clued up.